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2017/01/10 | 06:42:26 : PM | 18

Dean of the Faculty of Education confirms to provide moral support to the security of our troops who are fighting terrorism

Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Mustansiriya Dr. Ahmed Vest Gdab stressed that the aim of the establishment of voluntary campaigns is to assign the security forces and the popular crowd, who are fighting the battle of honor and dignity against the forces of atonement, also reflects the fulfillment of the Iraqi people for this category presented dearly for the defense of the land and supply . He Gdab on the sidelines of the blood donation campaign organized by the Faculty of Education that "the campaign saw the participation of Dean of the college and Tdrisea and employees as well as a number of members of the university, adding that the campaign aims to provide moral support to our security forces in various different forms, which is fighting terrorism Aldaasha in various fronts, and the ambulance the wounded in hospitals of the employees of our security forces and the popular crowd and innocent citizens by donating blood

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