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  Lecture  Active Life Sciences division air. Penta Football Championship  The opening of the meteorological station of the Department of Science air  siminar  lecture  siminar  (Warming of the Earth and the Atmospher)  lecture  University Day  Scientific trip  Training  Scientific Achievements  Lecture  Lecture  goodbye party  Scientific meeting  Discuss outstanding research for students in the fourth stage  workshop  Granting membership certificate  With the help of God, the conclusion of the fourth training course for air monitoring  lecture  A research published by a refereed journal  Has the help of God to discuss doctoral thesis for the student as Mohammed Hashim at the Department of Sciences in the air on Sunday, 05.15.2016 and the physics department of the discussions Hall - Faculty of Science - University of Mustansiriya  Within continuing education activities, the Department of air Sciences hosted a lecture on environmental pollution and sustainable energy in Iraq  Has the help of God to discuss the thesis of the student Esra cream Hammoudi in the Department of Science tagged air  He has the help of God to discuss master's thesis Mary Faisal Naji in the Department of air Sciences   With the help of God, the conclusion of the fifth training course for air monitoring, which was held at the Department of air / College of Science / Mustansiriya University Science under the title methods and techniques of short-range Weather Forecast  The Department of air Sciences honored Saadi Abdul Razak Abdul Wahab, a member of the faculty in the department, to his retirement  Announcement of results of initial  Announcement of results of high studies  Announcement of the results for students in initial studies with the final estimates  ADVERTISING  Announcement competitive examination for postgraduate studies for students successful results  Department of air Sciences announce the results of objection students applying for postgraduate studies  congratulations on scientific upgrade  Important announcement for students applying for postgraduate studies outside the country  advertisement  Students of the Faculty of Science of applicants for postgraduate studies performed with the efficiency of a computer exam  Teaching post in the physics department of an international conference  Teaching post in a scientific article  The appointment of more than fifteen graduates of the Department of air Sciences for the academic year former Menbiaan Gueyen as officers in the Iraqi army  Mr. Dean, the Faculty of Science inspects the progress of the second round of exams  Faculty of Sciences met with applicants wishing appointment owners Mustansiriya University  The start of the second round in all sections of the Faculty of Science exams  Congratulation  Congratulation  0  Announcement dates of interviews of applicants for appointment and for all disciplines  Important announcement  0  0  Important announcement for all faculty about academic profile and CV  Publish your CV to Website  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  Scientific Symposium  0  Scientific Symposium  0  0  0  Important announcement  Soon it will be announced the results of the complementary role of the Forums  Strengthen cooperation  workshop  A training course entitled (interpretation Maps)  A training course entitled (interpretation Maps)  0  Lecture on defamation and extortion, mail a serious indicator  A seminar  Volunteer work  0  0  0  Dissemination of scientific research  Volunteer work  Work system for measuring air pollution  Scientific Symposium  Discuss student  Discuss student  Discuss a doctoral student  Workshop on occupational safety and management of biological hazards  0  Lecture  The Department of biological sciences resides seminar on marshlands  Journal of the science park  The most important academic achievements of the College of Science for the years 2015 _2016  Display and processing of climate data using the Sigma Plot program  Scientific Promotion  Discuss student  Scientific Symposium  Lecture on the occasion of the Arabic language  Head of air science administrator meet people consulting offices in the Ministry of Environment  Discuss student  Discuss student  Mitigation of climate change  A committee of the College of Science are visiting the dormitories  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  A research published by a refereed journal  Active presence of a number of Tdriciat Department of air science at the University of Karkh Sciences Symposium  Dean of the Faculty of Science Meets Ptdrisie and employees of the Department of Science air  A seminar   Faculty of Science, involved in the festive day for the Iraqi inventor  College of Science organize a memorial service for the tenth anniversary of Al- Mustansiriyah University bombing  Discuss student  Unit Continuing Education Activities  Meeting  Discuss student  0  Iraq influenced by a strong wave of cold  A research published by a refereed journal  Journal of the science park  Lecture  A seminar  Lecture  A seminar  Graduation projects for students in the fourth stage of the academic year 2015-2016 in the Department of air Sciences  Lecture  Lecture  Lecture  weather condition  Seminar  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  Profile academic for students  Publication of a new book  Football Championship...  Volunteer work  Planting gardens college of Science  Lecture   Weather in Iraq  Continuing Education Unit  Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research visits the Faculty of Science  Lecture  football  World Meteorological Day  0  0  Lecture  The results of the first semester exams for the students of the first class of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences were announced  Scientific lecture about air pollution and noise  Lecture  Lecture  Atmospheric sciences department organized a scientific trip to Iraqi Meteorological Organization and Seismology for First stage Students  An active participation by a teacher in Atmospheric Sciences Department in a Lecture about Cheating in Exams  Atmospheric Sciences Department participates actively in the celebrations of Al-Mustasiriya’s day  A workshop entitled "Ways to develop the website of the Faculty of Science  Journal of the science park  seminar   Lecture entitled Illegal migration and ways to reduce it   Discussion of Master Thesis in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences  An active participation by a teaching member in atmospheric sciences department in a scientific conference   A Master Thesis Discussion  An Active Participation in a Scientific Symposium  A Master Thesis Discussion  The Department of Atmospheric Sciences is discussing the graduation projects for fourth stage students and distinctive research projects  An Active Participation by an Assistant Lecturer in Atmospheric Sciences Department in a Lecture  Atmospheric sciences department participates in a symposium about adaptation to climate change strategy  An Active Participation by a Member in Atmospheric Sciences Department about Rationalization of water consumption  The Students of Atmospheric Sciences Department are Doing Their Final Exam of the practical part   The Faculty of Science is looking to increase the prospects for scientific and research cooperation with the Ministry of Health  A member in Atmospheric Sciences Department honors the outstanding students from fourth stage  An Active participation by a member in Atmospheric Sciences Department in a symposium about Climate change adaptation   A Master Thesis Discussion   A Master Thesis Discussion  Scientific Promotion   Ph.D thesis Discussion  The students of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences are doing the final exam  PhD thesis Discussion  A scientific research publishing  Academic Promotion  A Lecturer in Atmospheric Sciences Department received an assessment certificate from the International Journal of Climatology  Academic Promotion  Electronic Patenting System  The results of the students of the Faculty of Science  A PhD Thesis Discussion  A Scientific Research Publishing  Participation of the Head of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences in a committee on the diagnosis and treatment of dust   Monthly assessment   Competitive examination  Advertising results  Advertising the results of competitive examination for postgraduate studies  Publication of a scientific book in the field of Data Security in the Department of Computer Science  First admission to graduate students  A participation of a professor from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences in an External Discussion Committee  Effective participation of the head of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences in the first meetings of the Ministerial Committee on the study of dust phenomenon  Congratulation  Achievements of the Occupational Safety Committee at the Faculty of Science  Characteristics of academic profile   Hold a college board meeting  Signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and the Institute of Civil Aviation