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2017/09/13 | 12:50:16 : PM |

Discussion of the thesis of the master student Sarah Saad Abdul Rida

The scientific discussion of the message of the pharmaceutical master student (Sara Saad Abdul Redha), the specialty of pharmaceutical / medicinal and medicinal plants, was discussed in her thesis titled (A study of pharmacological and comparative analysis of the pilot oil for two types of developing wormwood in Iraq) The discussion committee of the distinguished professors listed below. Prof. Munther Faisal Mahdi University of Mustansiriya. Faculty of Pharmacy. Dr. Anam Sameh Aref University of Mustansiriya. faculty of Pharmacy. Member. Inas Jawad Kazem. Baghdad University . faculty of Pharmacy . Member. Dr. Ibrahim Saleh Abbas, University of Mustansiriya. faculty of Pharmacy . Member and Supervisor, Prof. Ashour Hamoud Daoud, University of Mustansiriya. faculty of Pharmacy . Member and Supervisor, The discussion was held at 10 am on Tuesday, 12 September, at the Imam Sadiq Hall. Artemisia abrotanum Artemisia vulgaris was first developed in Iraq and has been extensively researched for the past two years. Artemisia abrotanum was recently introduced to Iraq for the purpose of adornment with very few studies. This study was designed for comparison, pharmacological evaluation, knowledge of the pilot oil components after extraction and their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and cancer properties. The pilot oil content of each type was extracted by distillation using a distillation device K The gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy (GC / MS) methods were then performed to examine the presence of different types of volatile oils extracted from both A. vulgaris and A.abrotanum, and the pilot oil extracted from each plant was incubated with cancer cells RD cell line). Growth or inhibition of cancer cells is measured by MTT. The activity of volatile antimicrobial oils was also selected using the diffusion well agar method. Growth or inhibition of bacterial cells is measured by measuring the diameter of the inhibition zone. The major components of avilgaris oil extracted are: Carvomethone, Camphor, 1,3-Bis (cinnamoyl oxymethyl) adamantine, Borneol, Chrysanthenone, Artemisia ketone, Thymol. But the main components of the pilot oil extracted from A.abrotanum are Longipinocarvone, Borneol, Trans-2-alpha.-Bisabolene epoxide, cymene, Aromadendrene, Eucalyptol, Limonene, Camphor, Terpineol and Longipinene. The results also showed that both types of plant had anti-bacterial and fungal activity but different in diameter of inhibition depending on their concentrations as well as anti-cancer effects also depending on their concentrations.

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