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2017/01/08 | 10:57:33 : AM |

Deanship of the Faculty of engineering rehabilitates laboratories in scientific departments and establishes new labs

Continuing with  the process of rehabilitation and maintenance works in which Mr. Dean Professor Dr. Mohammad Ali al-Anbari during the run that included all laboratories in all departments in our College in addition to develop new scientific laboratory for some departments did not exist in the past and provide a place for those laboratories developed. Included maintenance and rehabilitation health laboratory of Environmental Engineering Department, where they were doing work rehabilitation completely contained laboratory included maintenance of floors, walls and ceilings stairs and roof of the laboratory, it has made the maintenance and rehabilitation of this lab are quite different from the case of the former, the laboratory became a scientific environment for students. In addition to the maintenance and rehabilitation complex has been developed for road and transportation engineering laboratories which lacked these labs, it also included the rehabilitation of asphalt Lab of the same section. Civil engineering laboratories either just had a large share in the maintenance and rehabilitation included all laboratories and construction materials lab lion where rehabilitation laboratory and debris from inside the laboratory and organization mechanism of action inside the laboratory and development classrooms within the lab. And maintenance continued along the recess to create laboratories before the start of the school year, continued Mr. Dean Laboratory maintenance all stressed the need for precision work and continues the maintenance and rehabilitation of all buildings and grounds and laboratories for scientific environment suitable for student

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