Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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2017/01/11 | 01:29:02 : PM |

The Architecture Department in the faculty of engineering creates Symposium on Reconstruction in AL ataba alalawaya al mukadasa

 The Architecture Department established at the Faculty of engineering, in cooperation with AL ataba alalawaya and sponsored by Mr. Dean Professor Dr .Mohammad Ali al-Anbari on  Wednesday 11/1/2017 scientific seminar entitled ((reconstruction in upper threshold)) under the banner of ((plate of  Fatima Zahra peace on her tagged teaching the people  and architecture)) attended by Dr. Muhsin Abd Ali  al freji Advisor Minister of higher education and scientific research and a number of representatives of the AL ataba alalawaya and al ataba alkademyia, Kadhimiya. I will remember these details in the detailed news conference later

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