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2017/03/14 | 09:49:44 : AM |

Board research discussion

 The research by Haithem Falih Hasan  has been discussed .This has been  submitted to the Iraqi Council for Medical Specialties - Board (Diagnostic radiology) as one of  requirements to get  Board certification and  has been accepted. That was  on Monday, 13/3/2017  at the hall of martyr Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. Al-Alwan in the College of Medicine /Al- Mustansiriyah University. The discussion committee has been composed of  Prof. Dr. Mouhammed Ridha Al-Hily  as chairman , and the membership of Ass.Prof. Dr.Muna Abidulghany   , Prof. Dr. Muthana Al-Quraishy , with the supervision of  Prof .Dr. Mouhammed Mouhammed Jwad . It has been  attended  by a group of professors, doctors and students of high studies.                                                                                                                                  Translated and printed by,                                                                           Sanaria A. Lutfi      

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