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وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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2017/06/12 | 10:19:28 : AM |

President of the university inspects undergraduate studies exams in the colleges of basic education and Law

 The president of the university Prof. Dr. Sadiq ALHamash has inspected the examination process of the undergraduate studies in the colleges of Basic Education and law .During his visit, Prof. Dr. Sadiq ALHamash emphasized on providing students with all the required facilities for their exams in order to achieve the scientific success  and added that the economy future depends on the outputs of the universities in order to construct and develop our country . Prof. Dr. ALHamash listened to the students during his tour accompanied by the university's president assistant for administrative affairs Dr. Yousif ALHaidari , dean of the college of basic education Dr. Jamil ALNajar and the dean of the college of law Dr. Firas Abdul-ALMunim  . Prof. Dr. ALHamash  emphasized on supplying students with all the required facilities and comfort in order to develop the scientific level of the university . Prof. Dr. ALHamash praised on the efforts made by the deaneries of the colleges to achieve the success and call students for making effort to achieve success and excellence .  

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