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2017/05/17 | 10:12:19 : PM |

College of Medicine /Al- Mustansiriyah University holds a scientific symposium on " anti-Corruption"

 Under the sponsorship of  Ass. Prof. Dr. Ali Ismael , Dean of the College , the deanship has held a scientific symposium  entitled (Combating corruption is the duty of every individual in society)  on Wednesday ,17-5-2017 in the hall of the college.   The symposium has addressed three topics . The first one was about (Definition of corruption and means of control), the second one was about  (Legal aspects of combating corruption) ,and the last one was about (Legal aspects of combating corruption) .This symposium comes within the framework of national trends to strengthen the culture of integrity and transparency and the fight against corruption and the transition of these concepts from the traditional framework to the academic framework and the dissemination of public awareness among students, staff and faculty members. The symposium was attended by Professor Dr. Mazin Ghazi, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs and a large number of faculty members who have participated in expressing their views on the subject and endorsing the recommendations made by the symposium.                                                               Translated and printed by,                                                                    Sanaria A. Lutfi  

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