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2017/07/12 | 10:51:53 : AM |

President of University Speech On Occasion of Mosul Victory

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful ''And victory is not except from Allah the Exalted in Might, the Wise''   Here they are, victory flags and features are showing  up, embracing  Umulrubai'een sky , spreading  over other Iraqi cities,victories of justice, of Iraqi fearless men in our brave army, security forces and blessed popular mobilization those who achieve new exploits and glory, defeat Da'esh evil dreams and those who stand behind them. Liberation and its features that   bursting as a light over liberators' foreheads and uniforms, a fire burning the plot of conspiracy knocking the mythical state of the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his terrorist gang. Brothers and sisters, today , as our eyes are blessed with this divine victory, We renew our thanks to Allah Almighty, yield , humble ,and concede His charity , the greatness of His countless grace ,for He is aware of  the truth of our people, then He obliges us with victory and suppresses our enemies .Again ,we salute  fighters fought firmly, beard patiently, participated ,supported ,embraced  his/her  people during that crisis ,thanks for  all those who were martyred, injured, displaced,we salute honorable families of martyrs who proudly and much obliged have sacrificed their   own  sons and  continue their   giving with no  hesitation, against expiators threats till  now , contented  themselves with Allah Almighty .Allah may bless   our religious authorities  ( Marja') For releasing fatwa of   Jihad for body-abled men giving them the opportunity to defend their country, all the heroic resistance fighters who fought until the last drop of blood against challenges, and still localized the war fields and frontlines, met the appeal , made miracles and raised victory flags of each battle they went to, never weaken or retreated. Words are not enough to express our gratitude thus,I kiss hands of martyrs' families , injured fighters , fighters and all victims who, with the blessing of their sacrifices , victories  remains  and will always be yours by God willing . Iraqi people have crushed the state of the alleged myth after Umulrubai'een has been liberated, then, superciliouslyembraced again into Iraq, filled with   injured and martyrs blood and foiled frustrating Dae'sh plots of expiatory, conspiracy, extremism, and terrorism features, till finally liberated for there is what deserves to be lived at this land. Al-Mustansiriyah,the university where blood won over terrorists suicide  cars  and belts who wanted to suppress  our university  glow . Al-Mustansiriyah  had sacrificed and continues its support, sending aids, organizing blood donation campaigns,holding charity markets to support security forces and blessed popular mobilization , holding Solidarism poses and festivals on the occasion of our victory . We extend our Greetings to the Iraq of braves, thousand greetings to all those who carried his/her weapon or provided aids and logistical assistance to the fighters and those who contributed to this victory by a word or an article, and  those who call for liberation on  pulpits or platforms .We extend our greetings to the martyrs and  their families and  to our heroes, the true makers of victory ,You are the sun shine reality  , our national treasure  and the cornerstone  to construct the great Iraq.*

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