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2017/07/17 | 11:37:57 : AM |

Mustansiriyah expands admission to postgraduate studies

The University of Mustansiriyah  expanded  the admission of students who received a bachelor's degree for postgraduate studies for the diploma, master's and doctorate, and private studies channel to suit the possibility of each college. The meeting was attended by the president of the university, Prof. Sadiq Mohammad Al-hamash, and the scientific and administrative assistants. The meeting discussed the possibilities and the means available to expand admission to postgraduate studies and curricula prepared for this purpose. He stressed on the need to pay attention to scientific and academic methods, And the use of scientific research to serve the community to achieve growth at various sectors and help to solve problems facing it. The University of Mustansiriyah includes thirteen colleges and eighty-nine scientific and humanities departments in addition to six research centers*

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