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2017/08/07 | 01:41:53 : PM |

President of University Receives of Iraqi Forum Inventors Delegation

The President ofAl-mustansiriyah University, Dr. Sadiq Mohammed Al-hamash, received the delegation ofIraqi ForumInventors. They discussed ways to generalize the culture of invention and the mechanism of recording scientific inventions in order to preserve the Iraqi scientific achievements achieved by the inventors and scientists in the country. It was agreed also to establish a scientific exhibition for the scientific inventions achieved at the university in order to register and actualize them on ground. The delegation gave the President of the University a detailed explanation of the patents in Iraq and their preparation and ways to preserve these scientific achievements and the possibility of benefiting from them to serve the country.  Al-hamash appreciated the distinguished role played by the Forum in maintaining scientific achievements, stressing the support of such forums for Science advancement.*

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