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2017/08/29 | 10:58:29 : AM |

Clamor of Andalusian Poetry, Book for Lecturer at College of Arts

Dr. Mahmoud Shakir ,the lecturer of  Andalusian literature at the Department of Arabic Language, college of Arts,has  published his new book on the Andalusian poetry. The book entitled "Andalusian Poetry, A Study of Objectivity and technical Patterns". It included an in-depth study of Andalusian objective and technical styles, illustrated  the differences and the clamor of the Andalusian poetry.   It also included a review of its most important patterns being rebellion both in terms of objectivity and technical. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mahmoud Shakir is specialized in the Andalusian literature and poetry, had many studies and works on this branch  in various objective, technical, and critical aspects.*

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