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2017/08/29 | 11:00:26 : AM |

Rowing and Canoeing Sport, Book for Lecturer at College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Assist.Prof. Dr. Firas Ajeel Yawir,the lecturer at  college  of Physical Education and Sports Sciences issued his  new book "Rowing and Canoeing Sports ". The five chapters, one hundred and eighty-eight-page book studied rowing and canoeing in details. It considered as a scientific source for this sports and a leading book being uncommon   in Iraq and the Arab region. It provided student and coaches with comprehensive study of such sports   to serve the scientific development in the country. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Firas Ajeel Yawir had more than fifteen scientific researches in and outside Iraq, a member of the Iraqi Association for Physical Culture. During his career as a player, he won many advanced ranks of all categories and obtained many international and local arbitration certificates. Dr. Firas worked as a coach at the school of Olympic champion at Swimming, received a training and arbitration certificates. He served as the coach of the rowing team for all ages and get many medals, gold and silver at the international and local championships, participated in the international championships in Tunisia, Egypt, Germany in  2013 and the world Cup in Moscow, Russia, 2012*.

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