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2017/09/12 | 12:34:20 : PM |

Research Team from Al-Mustansiriyah Publishes Research in IJPSRR

The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Reviews and Research ,the 54th issue of 2017 has published a  scientific research entitled (A pharmacognostic and volatile oils contents of  Iraqi and Turkish pinus halepenesis ) .The team pointed out that the pinaceae has many genuses  one of the  most important genus of it is pinus .The needles of the plant are used  in medicine and as food additives due to their different  pharmacological  properties. The needles of the plant were collected from Sulaimaniyah in the north of  Iraq and Antalya in Turkey ,then they are cleaned by distilled water both microscopic examinations and volatile oils contents were  studied .The extracted oil was evaporated under pressure and   samples results of the study showed the morphological similarities of the two plants under the microscope and the review of the chemical contents of the plant in Iraq and Turkey.The team included Assistant Prof.Dr. Widad Mustafa Kamel, Rasha Abdul Kareem Abdulqadir, and Thamir Mouhi Jassim ,College of Pharmacy.*

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