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2017/09/12 | 12:38:17 : PM |

Scientific Symposium On Shock in Obstetrics at College of Medicine

Department of Women and Obstetrics, college of Medicine held a scientific symposium entitled " Shock in Obstetrics" with the participation of the head of the Scientific Council for Medical Specializations - Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Nursing and Obstetrics Department at the College. The Symposium dealt with the discussion of seven topics including the definition and causes of shock, the causes of bleeding before birth, during and after childbirth, physiotherapy, toxic shock, pregnancy poisoning, pulmonary edema, cardiac shock and concluded with a scientific lecture on (acino) treatments.The symposium was held  in collaboration  with the Iraqi Board for Medical Specialties, Scientific Boardl for women and obstetrics and supported by  the global international company of acino.*

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