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2017/09/13 | 01:58:14 : PM |

Al- Mustansiriyah Team, Second at French Theater Improvisation Contest in Beirut

Al- Mustansiriyah team, a group of Masters students at the Department of French Language, college of Arts, won the second rank in the French improvisation contest in Beirut.The contest was organized byAgence universitaire de la Francophonieand the French Institute in Beirut. Many Lebanese and Syrian universities were participated as the team of Al-Mustansiriyah won the second rank for theater improvisation and the first rank for best performance. It is worth mentioning that the team of the University included Laith Kareem Shawkat, Na'il Mohamad, Ridha  Thamir Baqir ,and Omar Ghassan ,under the supervision of head of Scholarships and Relations,Dr. Bashar Sami Yashoua.*

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