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2017/09/14 | 12:54:50 : PM |

Beyond Criticism, Book for Lecturer at College of Education

Dr. Nadia Hannawi Sadoun,the lecturer at  Department of Arabic Language ,college  of Education released her  book, ''Beyond Criticism'', by  Dar Al-Hiwar  in Latakia, Syria.The book is of  nine chapters. The first chapter was on (Critic Fadhil Thamir and the metanarrative between the one concept and the pluralism of method and procedures). The second chapter was on (the method and the challenges of vision by Dr. Abdulsalam al-Masdi). The third chapter was on (female aesthetic in the criticism of Arab women between disappearance and emergence). The fourth chapter is on (the literary critic between the scarcity of theorizing and the abundance of application). Chapter 5 was onThe criticism  Perspective of  Thomas Stearns Elliot) .The sixth chapter was on (Jerome Stolnitz , between  art rooting and   criticism interpretation) then ,the explanation of Chapter seven  ,(Logical and intuitive perspective of Jalal Khayat).Chapter eight was on  (criticism problematic trend in the reading of Abdulrahman al-Ruba'i stories), to be concluded by the ninth chapter which was on  (criticism functionalism between  methodology and non- methodology).The book also referred to( beyond criticism) as a field of book supported by a critic basis with a literary text structure, which is the primary material for reading. The book also included the process of re-reviewing criticism structure with tools chosen by the practitioner to criticize according to certain methods within criticism work circle to be a new book style on the ruins of a previous written book.*

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