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2017/01/10 | 02:27:25 : PM |

A blood donation campaign in support of the security forces and the popular crowd at the College of Education

It established the College of Education at the University of Mustansiriya, on Tuesday, a campaign to donate blood for the wounded security forces and the popular crowd in responding to terrorist groups. And I saw a campaign that was held in collaboration with the Department of Health in Baghdad / Alrsafh- blood bank in Sadr City, a wide participation of blood donation by employees of the College of Education professors, staff and students who turned out to donate blood in support of our armed forces and the heroes of the popular crowd and wounded in the terrorist operations which have crossed through it all national unity feelings and cohesion with the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd, which is less that can be provided to defenders of the homeland who have sacrificed and sacrificed their lives to liberate the land of Iraq, the Immaculate Conception of terrorism of Bdaash terrorist as the number of donors to 230 people, including many students who they asserted the need to provide part of the those who have sacrificed their blood in defense of the land and the show, a move that reflects the supporting academic institution Bosatztha and requested by the security forces, strengthening the elements of the battle front against the terrorist cliques. The campaign aims to consecrate the culture of voluntary work in the community by raising awareness of the importance of blood donation to save the lives of others who need him. And he attended a campaign hosted by the Faculty of Education, Chairman of Al-Mustansiriya University Prof. Dr. Sadeq Alhmac and Assistant Chief Administrative University and dean of the College of Education associate professor Dr Ahmed Vest Gdab and Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs Dr. Abdul Jalil Mazal and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Riyad Luxury and Associate Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Qassem Khalif. For his part, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Ahmed Vest Gdab stressed that the aim of the establishment of such campaigns is to assign the security forces and the popular crowd, who are fighting the battle of honor and dignity against the forces of atonement, also reflects the fulfillment of the Iraqi people for this category presented dearly for the defense of the land and supply .

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