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2017/10/12 | 09:09:35 : AM |

Lecturers at ALMustansiriyah university publish a book on Acute Appendicitis in Children

 The lecturers at the college of medicine /department of surgery Prof. Dr. Mohammed Kamel and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Farooq  published the scientific book entitled (Acute Appendicitis in Children) . The book  studied the important clinical markers in children suffering from Acute Appendicitis , modern therapy and rare cases . The book  consisted of  Five chapters  , the First chapter discussed the Appendicitis embryology . The second chapter discussed Appendicitis anatomy and function . The Third chapter discussed  Acute Appendicitis . The Fourth chapter discussed  Appendectomy . The final chapter discussed methods  of reducing faults in diagnosis and treatment . The First edition of the book was published by Lambert Academic Publisher.

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