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2017/10/12 | 10:19:19 : AM |

Journal of Biotechnical Publishes Scientific Research for Lecturer at College of Science

Prof. Mohammed Farag Shathir,the lecturer at college of science has  published a scientific research entitled "Cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana ): Reservoirs Of Metallo Β Lactamase And Extended Spectrum Β-Lactamase Producing Bacteria In Medical City Hospital In Baghdad, Iraq) in Journal of Biotechnical.The research showed that cockroaches are usually major carriers of pathogenic bacteria, prompting economic and serious health risk problem for humans by carrying bacteria and allergens. This study focuses on isolation of bacteria from Periplaneta Americana in Medical City Hospital in Baghdad. In total, thirty adult cockroaches were collected randomly in February 2017. Antibiotic susceptibility test was done for each bacterial species. In total, 21 bacterial isolates were identified. The most common diagnostic bacterium isolated from the cockroaches was found to be Klebsiella pneumonia (33.33%). Coagulase-ve Staphylococci were found in 19% of the isolates. About 42.8% of cockroach bacterial isolates were found to express ESβLs trait while 19% of isolates expressed MβLs trait. Two isolates harbored the blaTEM ESβLs gene. None of the isolates harbored blaIMP, blaCTX or blaVIM. Current study indicates that Periplaneta americana is reservoirs for bacterial isolates which produce ESβLs and MβLs.The research was completed with the participation of the lecturers at college of Science, Dr. Raghad Abdullateef and Zahra Abdulkareem Kadhim Teaching and the student Riam Ibraheem.*

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