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2017/11/13 | 11:48:53 : AM |

ALMustansiriyah university holds the 9th ALTaff international scientific and cultural meeting

 The college of Arts at ALMustansiriyah university held the 9th   ALTaff international scientific and cultural  meeting under the slogan (ALHussain {PUH} revolution … A human right project ) in cooperation with Shite endowment board and participation of  researchers  from Russian ,Iranian and Algerian universities in addition to researchers from different Iraqi universities . The  Inaugural session of the meeting was started by reciting some verses of the Holy Koran and ALFatiha for martyrs of Iraq . In his speech, The president of the university Prof. Dr.  Sadiq ALHamash welcomed the guests including researchers and public figures  and recalled the noble principles of ALHussain {PUH} revolution which was carried out  to achieve reforms and became a path of liberation in all ages . The chairman of the Shite endowment board Mr. Alaa AL-Musawi praised on ALMustansiriyah university's efforts in organizing  meetings , scientific and cultural conferences especially  ALTaff meeting which focus on ALHussain revolution  scientifically as a continuing revolution  in all the world  and all ages without religious and ethnic  limitations . The chairman of the meeting Dr. Farida Jassim  said that the meeting is  considered as a paradigm shift concerning participations and activities . The meeting  was held under the auspices of the minister of higher education and scientific research and the chairman of the Shite endowment board with participation of more than 30 researches within scientific and human sciences . The meeting also included  rare manuscripts exhibition held by holy Abbasi shrine board . The official topics of the meeting included  literary and linguistic studies , Psychological philosophical educational studies , Historical social anthropological studies and information and media studies.

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