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2017/11/13 | 02:05:26 : PM |

Journal of OPTICAL SCIENCE DIRCET Publishes Research for Lecturer at College of Science

OPTICAL SCIENCE DIRCET, the credited Journal within Thomson Global Classification has published  a scientific research entitled "Surface Topography of the Nano filtration of CdS Nanoparticle Composition by Chemical Vapor Deposition" for Dr.Anwar Hussein Ali ,the lecturer at college of Science .The research studied the nanocrystal line Cadmium Supplied (CdS) thin films were synthesized by chemical bath deposition with various concentration of CdCl2, thioria and NH4Cl at 80 °C deposition temperature FTO glass coated substrate. X-ray diffraction study indicates of CdS thin film nanostructure a hexagonal structure with 23.2 nm crystal size. Optical properties carried out by UV–vis which used also to obtain band gap energy. Surface morphology and cross section of CdS thin films nanostructure were obtained by FESEM. In addition, atomic force microscope (AFM) was employed to investigate the surface topography of CdS thin films nanostructure. Amplitude parameters, functional parameter and hybrid parameters were discussed in details beside granularity cumulation distribution.*

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