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2017/11/14 | 03:14:38 : AM |

Lecturer at College of Science Gets Patent for Preparation of Antioxidants for Lubricating Oils

The lecturer at college  of Science, Prof. Dr. Firial Mohamed Ali, obtained a patent from the Central Organization  for Standardization and Quality Control at  the Ministry of Planning for the  preparation of a new aromatic amyloid ring polymers (as antioxidants for lubricating oils).The patent included the preparation of new polymers as the blocked amino polymers present as an antioxidant for lubricating oils derived from one of the compensated and non-compensated anilines through the preparation of monomers [A1-A14].Dr. Firial Mohamed Ali obtained several previous patents , supervised a large number of Masters and PhD students' researches , and worked as an advisor to the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Oil for the past two years.*

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