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2017/12/07 | 11:59:18 : AM |

President of ALMustansiriyah university inaugurates hand crafts exhibition for female students of dormitories

 The President of  ALMustansiriyah university  Prof. Dr. Sadiq ALHamash  has inaugurated  hand crafts exhibition held by the directorate of dormitories at Avicenna complex for female students accompanied by university president's  assistant for administrative affairs Dr. Yousif ALHaydari with participation of many female students of the college of engineering . The president of the university praised on the efforts made by the participant staff and students. He emphasized on university's absolute support for these exhibitions which spot light on talents. He also emphasized on circulation of these events to all colleges, centers and departments of the university in order to develop outdoor activities. The exhibition consisted of hand crafts made by female students and staff of Avicenna dormitories complex including sewing, embroidery, woodwork, pottery, diagrams, earrings and jewelry. It is worth mentioning that ALMustansiriyah university presidency has ordered to hold artistic courses and hand crafts exhibitions in order to take advantage of the free time for female students of dormitories and acquire experiences in hand crafts to increase the resources and to intensify cultural and artistic events and activities. 

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