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2016/10/09 | 09:08:58 : AM |

virtual lecture

Established Sahaabi Library stone son Uday (Central Library) and in cooperation with the US Embassy in Baghdad lecture Vdioah the Ibn Sina Hall e-learning, delivered by Dr. SZ Wastawy Dean Alaonner University Libraries in Chicago (formerly the director of the Library of Alexandria) a lecture entitled (globalization of libraries and how to integrate technology Libraries in the system) has participated in this lecture, a large group of professors of library and information department at Mustansiriya University and the Institute of management and many librarians from the Ministry of culture and information and the University of Baghdad and the House of wisdom and the College of Imam Kadhim, peace be upon him of Islamic Sciences,The number of attendees has reached more than 60 people, has provided updated information in the field of jurisdiction, and included a lecture tour of discussion between the lecturer and the participants, through which many of the problems facing the use of technology in libraries ask.

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