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2017/09/14 | 01:31:26 : PM |

Department of Arabic language discusses the doctoral thesis of researcher Rafid Naji

The public discussion of the doctoral student (Rafid Naji Wadi) on his thesis was marked (grammatical significance in Arabic study in the purposes of deliberation)
It is part of the requirements for obtaining a PhD in Arabic language and literature
On the Rafidain Hall
The discussion committee consisted of distinguished professors:
a . Dr. Tarek Abdel Aoun Al-Janabi as Chairman
a . Dr. Haidar Fakhri Miran Member
a . M . Dr. Mohammed Amer Moin Member
a . M . Dr. Muayed Obeid Al-Swint is a member
a . M . Dr. Abbas Abdullah Abbas as a member
A Reza Hadi Hassoun Al - Aqidi Member and Supervisor

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