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2018/05/03 | 08:12:38 : PM |

A Scientific lecture on Updates of uterus endoscope

 Within its program for the academic year 2017-2018 - second semester, theContinuing Medical Education division at the College of Medicine /Al- Mustansiriyah University has held a scientific lecture entitled "Updatesof uterus endoscope". The lecture was delivered by Teacher Dr. Zeena Raad (member of Faculty of  the department of gynecological and abstetrics) in thehall of martyr Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. Al-Alwan.She has explained the modern methods for conducting the uterine endoscopeand how to establish a developed uterine endoscopeunit in hospitals.The lecture was attended by Ass.Prof. Dr. Ghasan Ali- Director of theContinuing Medical Education division, heads of scientific departments, and a group of professors and teachers. Translated and printed by, Sanaria A. Lutfi

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