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2017/01/11 | 09:23:58 : AM |

Discuss the thesis of the researcher Hussam Abbas Yas

It took place with the help of God Almighty discuss Researcher Master's Thesis (Hussam Abbas YAS) for his tagged (design and manufacture of a proposed device in the development of speed and accuracy of performance skills of junior weapon epee) at nine in the morning on Monday, which falls 09/01/2017 at Gilgamesh Hall and has been discussed by the Commission The problem, as follows: 1. Prof. Abdul Hadi Hamid president 2. Prof. Sana Khalil Obeid member 3. O.m.d. Mustafa Hassan Abdul Karim member 4.o.d. Fadel Abbas Jaber, a member and supervisor 5. O.m. Sabah Nouri al-Hafez member and supervisor After extensive discussion researcher got a degree (Distinction)

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