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2018/12/11 | 06:52:32 : AM |

Lecturer at ALMustansiriyah university publish research on Demand estimation of bus as a public transport based on gravity model

 The journal of MATEC Web conf. Vol. 162 has published the scientific research entitled (Demand estimation of bus as a public transport based on gravity model) by the lecturer at the college of Engineering  Dr. Noor Mutaz. This study determines the demand of public routes for buses using boarding / alighting values to generate a model and assign these demand values to the bus network in Iraq. Five public routes were selected to collect the required data. Ride check and Point check survey was conducted for each selected route. The results of this study were public demand assigned to the selected bus routes, dwell time, load factor and headway. It is observed that R1 and R3 have the heaviest travel demand; they need special study to improve bus performance and make better transit. The model developed with only limited data available to predict travel demand will assist transportation planners and related agencies in decision making.

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