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2019/01/09 | 09:42:44 : AM |

Two Lecturers at College of Basic Education Releases a Book on Mathematics for Handicapped People

Dr. Taghreed Abdulkadhim and Dr. Huda Hadi,the lecturers at  College of Basic Education a book entitled "Mathematics for Handicapped People, Slow Learning, Level 1".The three-chapter book aimed to highlight the problems faced by people with special needs in mathematics, pre-math skills, numerology, operations, engineering, measurement, and other computations, as well as a review of the modernity of teaching mathematics for people with special needs.The book deals with the concept of mathematics and its stages of development and the modern outlook of mathematics and its curricula, the appropriate educational strategies for students with learning difficulties, the modern outlook for evaluation and the mechanisms of evaluation of people with special needs, as well as the elements of mathematical knowledge and the latest methods and teaching methodologies .*

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