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2019/01/10 | 09:46:47 : AM |

Research Team at College of Science Publishes a Study on Inhibition of Helicobacter Pylori Growth by Oral Streptococci

A research team at the Faculty of Science, Published study entitled '' Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori growth by oral Streptococci'' in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, within  Scopus citation.Helicobacter pylori are an imperative gastrointestinal pathogen related with gastritis in addition to peptic ulcer disease. This study was designed to examine the in vitro influence of oral Streptococci on the growth of H pylori isolated from different specimens. Sixty - seven specimens of peptic ulcer, saliva, and dental plaque were collected from suspected patients and identified by culturing and PCR technique. Dental plaques swabs (67) from the same patients were collected, and cultured on suitable differential media to isolate and identify Streptococcus spp. .The effect of S.oralis and S.mutans was determined by growth inhibition of H.pylori isolates in solid and liquid medium as well as a reduction in the activity of urease as a marker to estimate the viability of H.pylori. We concluded that important inhibition of growth, viability and urease activity has been achieved when H.pylori different isolates were dealt with S.oralis and S.mutans whole bacterial cell and supernatant. The study aimed to inspect the role of oral Streptococci in H.pylori activity besides pathogenicity.*

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