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وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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2019/02/10 | 10:13:07 : AM |

The college of Education prepares to hold its 25th International Scientific Conference in April

 The college  of Education at ALMustansiriyah university  is preparing to hold its 25 th International Conference under the title (Sciences of the Quran and the Arabic Language are the light  for Science and Peace) on 1st and 11th   of April. The Dean of the College, Dr. Sabah Abboud Aati, said that the scientific conferences are one of the key activities  for the advancement of the scientific and academic reality of institutions of higher education, he emphasized on the  continuation of ALMustansiriyah University in all colleges and centers, especially the colleges of Education in providing all material and human resources for the establishment and success of these conferences. He called on researchers from all universities and research centers in Iraq and abroad to participate actively in the work of the conference, pointing out that the Scientific Committee has set the date of 10-3-2019 as  deadline  for receiving  abstracts and research as it will be time to inform researchers to accept their research on 1-4-2019. The conference aims at rejecting religious extremism, establishing a spirit of brotherhood and forgiveness, and encouraging scientific research with Quranic treatments that promote a conscious and developed society. It also shows the harmonious relationship between the Holy Quran and the Arabic language, highlighting the strengths and sustainability of the Arabic language in front of other languages ​​and developing the monetary and aesthetic taste. And the breadth of their perceptions and the role of Arabic language lesson in the field of science and knowledge.

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