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2019/02/11 | 10:48:08 : AM |

Two Lecturers at the College of Science Publishes Research in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research

Nagham Majed and  Roaa Majid at the college of Science published joint research entitled " Synthesis of some new heterocyclic compounds derived from β-Lactam derivatives and Their Biological Activity Study'' in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, within Scopus repository. New Imidazole subordinates [12,13] was blended with hippuric acid corrosive subsidiaries [10,11].The beginning was promptly acquired by a response of one of the β-Lactam subordinates with sweet-smelling aldehyde they changed over to corrosive chloride [6,7] which response with glycine (2-amino acetic acid) in basic medium. Mixes [12,13] were changed over into an assortment of subsidiaries like Imidazoles and oxazoles subordinates, The biological activity of the synthesized compounds was also studied. Every new compound was portrayed by FTIR and a portion of their by 1HNMR and UV spectroscopy.*

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