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2019/02/11 | 10:52:34 : AM |

Scientific Team at College of Engineering Publishes Research in the Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology

A scientific team including Nagham Tariq, Huda Tariq, and Ban Sahib at the college of Engineering published joint research entitled " AN EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION ON THE PULLOUT STRENGTH OF STRAIGHT STEEL BARS IN HIGH-PERFORMANCE CONCRETE '' in the Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, within Scopus repository. The present experimental study is carried out to have a clear understanding of the bond strength between high-performance steel fiber concrete HPSFC with three selected shapes of fibers, which were straight steel fiber SS, hooked end steel fiber HS and waved steel fiber WS and steel reinforcing bars. Six groups which consisted from thirty-three pullout cubic specimens of size 100 mm were fabricated to study the effect of some selected parameters such as, shapes of fiber SS ,HS and WS, reinforcing bar diameter 10 mm ,12 mm and 16 mm , volume fraction of steel fibers Vf 0% , 1% and 2% and aspect ratio of steel fibers l/d 30 , 65 and 90. In addition, twenty-seven cubes having the same size of the pullout specimens with an average of three concrete cubes from each concrete mix (nine mixing) were tested in compression to find their compressive strength. It was found that the addition of HS fiber has much effect in enhancing bond strength than that enhancement accrued by the addition of SS or WS fibers. On the other hand, bond strength increases as a bar diameter decrease. The addition of steel fibers to concrete strengthens the bond between the reinforcing bar and the concrete.*

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