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وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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2019/02/11 | 01:50:58 : PM |

President of ALMustansiriyah university receives the president of the Iranian university of Azad and discusses Joint Scientific cooperation

 The President of ALMustansiriyah university Prof. Dr. Sadiq ALHamash has received the president of the Iranian university of Azad and his accompanying delegation. The two sides discussed the opening of horizons for joint scientific cooperation between ALMustansiriya University and the Iranian University of Azad in the field of exchange of fellowships and scholarships, supervising postgraduate students, conducting joint research and studies, activating the visiting professor's program and benefiting from scientific experiences and achievements in various academic fields between the two universities. The two sides agreed to establish a research center specialized in biomedical science studies, including the first headquarters in Baghdad and the second in Tehran, which will attract graduate students in this field, as well as providing all necessary inputs from laboratories and modern scientific devices that enable researchers to conduct accurate and modern studies. Al-Hamash accompanied the visiting guest and the accompanying delegation on a tour to the scientific laboratories at the university . The visiting delegation expressed admiration for the scientific abilities of the graduate students who were conducting their practical experiments during the visit.

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