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2019/03/18 | 09:16:50 : AM |

Lecturer at College of Engineering Publishes Research on Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity in Clayey Soil

 The lecturer at College of Engineering, Dr. Noor Mo'ataz Ismaeel, published joint research entitled ''Parametric Study of Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity in Clayey Soil'' in the International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology within Scopus and was completed with the participation of researcher Muhanad Qahtan, University of Technology.In the present study, a numerical analysis was carried out on the behavior of shallow foundation subjected to vertical axial loading in clayey soil. The analysis is performed using the Plaxis-3D program for developing the finite element model. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of some parameters on the load-settlement relationship and evaluate the (Nc) factor of bearing capacity equation. The parameters considered included Poisson's ratio of soil, soil modulus of elasticity, foundation width and soil cohesion. It was found that an increase of the Poisson's ratio of soil increase slightly the load capacity at small settlements of the foundations, whereas it showed the significant effect at large settlements to reach about (25%) at final stages of settlement. The foundation load capacity increases significantly with the increase in the soil modulus of elasticity. Increasing the foundation width does not have a significant effect on the value of the bearing pressure so that the scale effect could not be observed. Variation undrained cohesion of soil had no effect on the (Nc) factor of bearing capacity at a certain value of settlement ratio (S/B), however, it is found equal (6), while with the increase in settlement ratio the (Nc) factor increases.*

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