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2019/03/18 | 10:12:44 : AM |

Lecturers at ALMustansiriyah university publish joint research on the Acousto-Optic Spatial Filters

 The journal of the International Conference on Materials Engineering and Science Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering issue 454 has published the scientific research entitled (Study the Acousto-Optic Spatial Filters Diffracted Light at Zeroth-Order Using MATLAB) by the lecturers at the college of science Dr. Elham Jassim and Dr. Aseel Mustafa. The research  introduces the essentials of acousto-optics with the theory and applications using MATLAB. There are some software used to process acousto-optics filter and the implementation details of any acousto-optics algorithm are inaccessible. Our work is focused on software used to solving the coupled equations in Bragg diffraction by creating MATLAB function for use in Bragg regime and acoustic-optic spatial filtering and employing mainly the MATLAB program for solving this problem. We review the role of acousto-optic and spatial filtering for high-pass spatial filtering. Classically, acousto-optic interactions comprise scattering of photons by energetic phonons into higher and lower orders. Standard weak interaction theory describes diffraction in the Bragg regime as the propagation of a uniform plane wave of light through a uniform plane wave of sound, resulting in the well known first- and zeroth-order diffraction. We investigate Raman-Nath diffraction corresponding to near-Bragg diffraction. A result shows the dependence of various scattered orders on the incident angle/Bragg angle illustrating the Bessel function dependence.

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