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2019/03/18 | 10:26:21 : AM |

ALMustansiriyah university Council holds its 8th Ordinary Session for the Academic Year 2018-2019

 The Council of ALMustansiriya University held its 8th ordinary session for the current academic year 2018-2019 .The session was chaired by the president of the university  Prof.Dr. Sadiq Mohammed Al-Hamash and attended by the Administrative Assistant, the deans of the colleges and the directors of the university centers. At the beginning of the meeting, the university president emphasized on  the necessity of intensifying the efforts and continuous work for the implementation of all the projects of the government program within the time limits established by the program team in the ministry which was approved by the opinion authority. He stressed on the  importance of focusing on the specific points of the government program In the field of the entry of internationally accredited classifications, the application of the syllabus system, the activation of twinning programs between the university's faculties and their counterparts from the world's distinguished universities, the exchange of research fellowships for teachers and students and the introduction of scientific journals in international containers. The President of the University stressed on the need to urge each lecturer to complete at least one research per year. The Council discussed the regulations for the promotion of teaching staff in the specializations of fine arts, the development of a doctoral study in the teaching methods of art education at the Faculty of Basic Education, as well as the organizational structure of the Iraqi Center for Cancer Research and Medical Genetics. The meeting reviewed the requirements for the entry of international classifications, and the ratification of the promotion of the number of university lecturers to the rank of professors.

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