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2019/03/20 | 12:40:44 : PM |

ALMustansiriyah university organizes a conference on the situation of primary education in Iraq and how to improve it

 The College of Basic Education at Al Mustansiriyah University organized the Second annual conference of the First grade teacher department on the situation  of primary education in Iraq and ways to improve it, with the participation of a number of researchers, specialists and teachers. The Dean of the College, Dr. Amer Yas Al-Qaisi, said that the topics of the conference  addressed the problems that tackle  the primary education in Iraq, which is the cornerstone of the educational process, emphasizing the possibility of benefiting from participating research and submission to the decision-maker in order to promote the educational situation and  to the ranks of  developed countries. The conference included a discussion of more than twenty researches by researchers from different Iraqi universities, which were divided into three main topics, including modern methods of teaching, advanced learning methods, communication and technology methods and their role in the educational process, as well as a review of a range of new ideas about the educational process in the primary and environmental stages Classroom and school infrastructure. The conference recommended the re-training and rehabilitation of teachers in the primary school on the methods of modern teaching and the importance of application in all schools, and review of many of the curriculum, especially mathematics in accordance with the mind of the student at each stage, and the trend to build more primary schools and expansion of old schools, as well as the need to activate the means of education Especially the stereoscopic and extracurricular activities of students.

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