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2019/03/20 | 01:43:15 : PM |

The Iraqi Center for Cancer and Genetics Research Holds Seminar on the Applications of Stem Cell Technologies in the Treatment of Cancer

The Iraqi Center for Cancer and Genetics Research organized a scientific symposium on stem cell technologies and their therapeutic applications for cancer attended by a number of researchers and specialists.The Director of the Center, Dr. Ammar Hikmat Al Moussawi, said that the seminar highlighted the possibility of latest stem cell technologies in treating various diseases affected humans, especially cancer, and benefiting from the applied researches carried out in the center in improving the level of health services offered to citizens.The seminar introduced stem cells and ways of developing them and its benefits, including tumors of blood, and their role in the treatment of incurable diseases, as well as discuss the latest research and developments reached by scientists in this field.The symposium focused on the practical applications of self-stem cell transplantation of cancer patients, methods of working with the patient and the drugs used to stimulate stem cells and how to collect them using special devices, as well as methods and materials to be prepared to give to the patient after the inhibition of immunity.The symposium recommended encouraging graduate students to carry out applied scientific research in the field of stem cells and their clinical applications for the treatment of other cancer diseases and the importance of expanding cooperation between the research center and health institutions in this field.*

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