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2017/01/10 | 08:13:34 : AM |

Third Symposium (Committee fortify our university students Manalvkr Aldaasha takfiri (Doaash age) Faculty of Education / University of Mustansiriya 04/01/2017

      Third Symposium (Committee fortify our university students from Aldaasha thought takfiri (Doaash age) Faculty of Education / University of Mustansiriya 04/01/2017       In order to work assignments Committee began Bndoadtha own vaccinate college students from Aldaasha thought takfiri (Doaash age) has been Chairman of the Commission and the member went They both Prof. Dr. Abdul Amir Muhsin Jabbar al-Asadi president and membership of a professor: Assistant Adel Yasser Nasser and Assistant Professor Dr. Fatima Saluma assistant teacher Dr. Mohammad Hashim al-Battat to the conference hall at the college mentioned to give a lecture at the seminar mentioned began with the impact of political extremism, Dr. Abdul Amir Mohsen Jabbaralasudai professor who between the effects of extremism, and the impact of political factors on the spread of violent extremism, such as lack of moderate language of dialogue and the system of justice and the absence of the opinions of others, and the weakness of the spirit of citizenship and tolerance among young people, explaining the implications of extremism on the students, particularly universities, which now requires immunized under fierce Hippelates carried out by Daesh terrorist gangs thought the students, in order to gain the youth then assistant professor Dr. Adel Aasrnasser talked about the influence of extremism socially and called attention to youth in the areas of life In the community realistic job opportunities for them and granted because of unemployment may be one of the important factors to make young people by Aldoaash followed after that lecture, assistant professor Dr. Fatima Saluma that talked about the importance of media discourse moderate by broadcasting the speech balanced distant from extremism, especially since there is a media war virtual war combat against atonement Mukdh the necessity of media young people immunized by the presence of the letter, which urges tolerance and social truth, the absolute and the emphasis on cultural programs, one of the most important tasks in the fight against extremism in the visual media and the print and broadcast, which contribute to the provision of appropriate means to eliminate the extremists and speech extreme, that some are trying to broadcast and social media, and then after that the teacher, Dr. Mohammad Hashim al-Battat spoke about the influence of extremism and religiously through careful building of trust between the forum and religious scholars in terms of dissemination of religious discourse moderate on the grounds that extremism connects beliefs and ideas far from what is usual and customary without being linked to those ideas physical behaviors such as potatoes stressed that taking into account the moderate religious discourse and focus on the ideology of this discourse, which are the responsibility of the clergy.

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