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2019/03/19 | 11:27:21 : AM |

Discussing a master's thesis for the student Mazen Adnan Abbas from the Department of Computer Science

 Education flags 19-3-2019 The Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Education at Mustansiriya University discussed a master's thesis for the student Mazen Adnan Abbas on his letter titled "Modify a secure framework for data sharing for the cloud computing system." The message aimed to propose a secure data sharing system for the DS3 cloud computing platform to protect personal data from hackers and hackers The importance of this research is that the proposed system addresses several problems by protecting the user account by verifying identity and encrypting data using the method of file shredding and random encryption, providing secure data sharing and restricting access To files stored on cloud storage. The results showed that the DS3 properties are highly resistant to various attacks such as brute force attacks, statistical attacks and differential attacks. For encoded files, the semi-uniform frequency and correlation coefficient values ​​of adjacent bytes are close to 0, The ideal value (8). The DS3 is highly sensitive to any key change. The average values ​​for both the PCRR and the mean change rate (UACI) are 99.632772% and 33.485048% respectively, which exceed the ideal ratio of 99.60 ) And (33.46%) respectively. The discussion committee consisted of professors, assistant professor Dr. Sadiq Abdul Aziz Mahdi, a member and assistant professor Dr. Nada Hussein Mohammed Ali, a member and assistant professor Dr. Enas Mohammed Hussein, a member and assistant professor Dr. Khaled Ali Hussein Musharraf and assistant professor Dr. Sawsan Abdul Hadi Mahmoud, member and second supervisor

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