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2019/07/21 | 11:36:09 : AM |

University President Receives Head of Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity

The President of the University, Prof. Hameed Fadhil Al-Tamimi, received the Head of Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity, Hisham Al-Zahabi at his office on Sunday.During the meeting, the two sides  discussed joint cooperation between the university of Mustansiriyah and the  Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity concerned with orphans,those who have no  family caregivers and elderly, the joint cooperation included hosting the children  at the university and establishing creational ,entertaining, and cultural activities that ease the loss of family and make them familiar with  the university atmosphere ,as well as the  employment of  the university graduates from the Department of Psychology to conduct training and practical experience or to  work at the foundation.The university president expressed his appreciation and pride for the role of Mr. Hisham Al-Zahabi as one of the university humanitarians and his distinguish  work in the field of child care and elderly ,he affirmed the University's readiness to cooperate with the Foundation to insure  a culture of human protection and building of ideal community  .For his part, the head of Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity congratulated Al Tamimi on the occasion of assuming his duties as President of the University of Mustansiriyah, wishing him success in fulfilling the great responsibility entrusted to him, as well as his initiative to cooperate with the Foundation.*

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