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2019/09/11 | 10:47:39 : AM |

Lecturer at College of Science Publishes Scientific Research in International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing

  The lecturer at the college of Science, Ismael Abdul Sattar, published joint research entitled '' Recommender System for Global Terrorist Database Based on Deep Learning '' in International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, within Scopus. Recommender system represents an effective key solution to overcome information overloaded due to huge in volume, multi levels and autonomous of online information. Recently, deep learning gained significant attention through the revolutionary role advanced in many field likes recognition the speech, analyzing images, as well as natural language processing (NLP). Mixing deep learning context mechanisms with recommender system has been gaining momentum because of its wise performances and valid high quality Recommendations. Compared with known traditional recommendation techniques, one of the deep learning main goals is achieve better understanding of customer demands, the characteristics of an items as well as possible interactions between them. The paper aims to provide a general review of most recent research works on deep learning (DL) formed on recommender systems lead to fostering change of recommender system research. Deep learning with recommendation models can be formed a taxonomy levels that attract many researchers in a various fields. Like this paper focus on using recommender system to detect how terrorist are spreading online propaganda using various forms of social media working with global terrorist database.* for more details click here 

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