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2019/09/11 | 11:23:19 : AM |

Lecturer at College of Education Publishes Scientific Research on Generalized inverse Rayleigh reliability estimation for the (2+1) cascade model

  The lecturer at the college of Education,Dr. Nada Sabah  , published joint research entitled ''Generalized inverse Rayleigh reliability estimation for the (2+1) cascade model    '' in the AIP Conference Proceedings,within Scopus .In this paper derived the mathematical formulas of the Reliability for Special (2+1) cascade model, expression for model reliability are found when strength and stress distributions are generalized inverse Rayleigh random variables. The estimation for the reliability function (R) of model is done by Sixth different methods (ML, Mo, LS, WLS, Rg and Pr) and make the compare between them in simulation study with the program made by (MATLAB 2016) using two statistical criteria MSE and MAPE, where it found that best estimator between the six estimators is ML.*  for more details click here 

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