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2016/10/20 | 09:08:14 : AM |

Seminar on Security

In support of our troops and the heroic holy mobilized .. Seminar on intellectual security for students   Under the slogan (our security in the safety of our thinking) established the first rows teacher section in our college scientific symposium tagged (Intellectual Security for University Students) have addressed axes symposium concept of intellectual security and its importance and its components and sources threatened and means of protection and the role of the university in promoting it, and it was the most important symposium recommendations urged students to know the real role in the security of the country, especially the intellectual side of it, and the establishment of student symposiums and seminars infuse the concept of intellectual security requirements, this would be the greatest support the valiant of our troops from the SPLA and the crowd they are fighting honor battles to cleanse the soil of Iraq from the Conception terrorism Aldaasha, which makes them feel that their sacrifices great will not go to waste, as well as the need to consolidate the principle of dialogue between students and teachers and that all of them have a good role model for intellectual and other segments of society, at ten o'clock on the morning of Wednesday, 19/10/2016 at Ibn al-Nafis Hall

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