Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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2017/05/15 | 11:17:40 : AM |


The R & D Department is pleased to announce to those wishing to apply for postgraduate studies in Iraqi universities through the electronic submission system according to the regulations listed for 2017/2018 for the period 2-5-2017 to 4-6-2017. To submit the electronic application provided that the required documents are submitted to the applicant college during the same period above, we would like to be aware that the electronic submission does not depend on its final form unless the verification process of your data is done through your review of the college and delivery of the paper documents required for submission and receipt of the stamped form If you have not received your activation email for 24 hours, please send a text message of the same phone number to 07702841143 with your account information. The four-digit name and the mother's triple name. The e-mail address. Your message will be activated. A message sent from a different phone number is ignored

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