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Vision and Mission Computer Center

The center aims

The center aims to meet the needs of the technological advances of the University orderly and modern, and are summarized below:

  • Build and manage a network of computers serve the academic and administrative process and the university faculties and departments and directorates by connecting the presidency of the university and colleges deanships and administrative divisions and sections.
  • Organizing regular training courses using computers and the development of skills and are prepared annually Platform for different courses for all levels and in the form of three vanes annually.
  • Provide technical supporting  and solutions for users of personal computers of employees of the university and the support programs and advanced technologies.
  • Building software systems using modern programming languages to meet the current and future needs of all the faculties and centers and all university departments.
  • Provision of online services and e-mail are currently working to expand the network to include all university faculties.
  • Preparing of research and articles pertaining to the field of computers, software, application and dissemination through the magazine will be issued by the center.
  • The inclusion of all university professors specialized courses on how to use e-learning and conversation video according to a timetable