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وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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Iraqi Center for Genetics and Cancer Research >> Orginizal Structure
AL Mustansiriyah University
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  University's president attends to iraqi center   scientific trip  International Prize  Impact Factor  Cancer Lines in our Center  scientific trip   participating in scientific festival    participating in scientific festival   sientific lectur  Cancer Research Center evaluates scientific symposium attended by the administrative agent for the Department of Global Education and Scientific Research  Unite to end TB   lecture about the problems of thyroid gland   Protictions form colon's cancer  Biofuels  Autsim.. causes and treatments   Iraqi Center holding a lecture about "aggressiveness"  patented  Doctorate of Degree  Contract molecular biology department meeting with its workers  lecture about the "Systemic Lupus Erythematosus"   Iraqi center for cancer amd Medical gets impact factor   Do you know about haert disease?  Awareness of biological hazards in the laboratory  How to get Infection control?  Celles cancer lins  Vital food and the fight against cancer  Medical Genetics offers "Prenatal diagnosis"  new issue of Iraqi Center of cancer  AIDS /HIV/STI  How to fight aging  Iraqi center gets Patented  lecture about violence  Universal Day of the laboratory  Molecular biology gets the device "HPLC"  Molecular biology gets the device "FT IR"   Molecular biology gets the 'Bio Analyzer'  Iraqi centre participate in lecture about third sex  the head of Division of Cancer get scientific upgrade  new plan for the molecular biology department,   new research for Dr. Noah  Experimental treatment using smart viruses to attack leukemia  master degree   Firas gets doctorate in Molecular Pathology  Experimental therapy researchers succeed in producing nerve cells  lecture publish international research   Iraqi Center the First  new corporate between Iraqi Center and ministry of Intiror   Prof. Nahi attended a scientific symposium  Iraqi Center gets patent  Iraqi Center announces the availability of laboratory mice to graduate students  Medical Genetic held a meeting  new season  new season  new course about histopathological sections preparation   Production of cellular Almhtr PHA  Prof. Dr. Nahi Yassin chairs the committee discuss the doctoral student Hadeel Macky  Dr. Firas Subhi published a scientific papers in a global site  the ninth issues of Iraqi magazine for Iraqi center   lecture of Iraqi center taking part in the first conference of Criminal Science   the molecular biology department held a course about   title scientific   scientific workshop   Iraqi Centre for Cancer resides seminar entitled   Teaching Ahmed al-Shammari participates in a conference of the European Society of genetic science and cellular  the lectural Amal attends a scientific symposium   turner syndrome   the chromosomes of blood  Dr. Firas Subhi received a presidency of the research and development unite   milk products and benefits or damages   lectural Amer Tawfiq gets a scientific upgrade   Hematology Center honord Dr. Nahi Yassin for his support of his extraordinary   Dr. Ahmed al-Shammari appointment as un editor consultant in a global magazine  Iraqi center for Cancer discuss with the Ministry of Interior officials the reasons for the growing violence in Iraq   Noah Abdul Qadir interduce a lecture on the harm caused by smoking  Iraqi Centre discuss the monthly research  Iraqi Center hold a workshop on how to publishing on goods magazine   Iraqi Center organize volunteer day  Delegation of Iraqi Center visit Dyala University Presidency   Tdrisie attended a number of the Iraqi Center the conference in Karbala  Iraqi Centre has been participated in a work shop on how formulate scientific research  lectural Zainab Saad has an approval in Iraqi Magazine   Dr. Khalid Juma has been attend doctoral student  know about Hereditary Cancer Syndrome  the head of Genetic Department attend   researchers of Iraqi Center are discovering the relationship between chromosome parents and miscarriages  Lecturals of the Iraqi Center for taking a part in a seminar autophagy mechanisms set up at the University of Diyala  Researchers of Department experimental treatment has been succeeded  Dr. Ahmed Majid al-Shammari head of experimental treatment at the Committee to the comprehensive exam for doctoral students  Dr. Firas Subhi Sale gave a scientific lecture on autophagy and cancer  Genetic bases of violence  Iraqi center helds a lecture on Biosafety  Dr. Ahmad Al-Shammari presents a lecture on the electron microscope  Iraqi Center attend copper nanoparticles minutes  News research Nadia Barakat  Dr. Firas gets a certificate of appreciation from the teachers union of Diyala  The Cancer Research Department received a number of college science students  New lecture   Dr. Ahmad Al-Shammari presents a lecture on tumors within the activities of the International Conference on Al-Muthanna  International journals publishes research for researchers at the Iraqi Center of Cancer and Medical Genetics Research  Dr. Ahmed Majid published a research in the global site  Khalid Juma Al Khalil attended discuss masters student  Amal Muhammad Ali entitled (chromosome changes in it)  Medical genetics department receives cases from the third sex   females G6pd Dr. Khalid discusses in a research on the prevalence of an enzyme at females G6pd  Prof. Nahi Yassen attend to discuss a PhD student Shatha Salah Asaad   Iraqi center held work shop for Unified electronic coding system  Iraqi center could find a chemical effect on cancer lines  appreciation   researcher Ali Thamer which to prepare a study on the secondary copper minutes  Researchers at Iraqi Center finds complex changes in tumor diseases   Work Shop  experimental treatment department  Dr. Khalid Juma Al Khalil discussing student masters  Khalid Juma Al Khalil a member of the Committee   Document: Dr. Ahmed Majid al-Shammari member of the board of Cancer  Work shop  Altellomirat  “ Biotech Histochem  Violence genetics  peas  violence against women  Korean magazine publish international research for Dr. Salim  Researchers from Iraqi Center published a new research in international magazine   Iraqi Center held a workshop   Iraqi center held a workshop  New Research   Iraqi Center held a workshop  Cancer Department participate in college of science's workshop  cancer research entering a new device for researching  The ministry of Health, formed a medical genetic commetee and nammed Dr. Khalid Jumma Khalil as a researcher in commetee  Chemical Neuroanatomy Articles consider, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shammari's research was the mostly downloaded  Iraqi Center mets raise the scientific research  workshop  new lecture  Dr. Amer Tawfiq explain nanotechnology  Section assesses cancer research and medical genetics course in learning to read chromosomes   new workshop  Iraqi Center held work shop  new trip for Arabian student to Iraqi Center  new lecture  New Trip for Iraqi Center  workshop  lectures participate in college medicine's conference  student of college life visited Iraqi Center  The Department of Medical Genetics at the Iraqi Center for Cancer Research received two training courses  The symposium was held at the Iraqi Center for Cancer Research and Medical Genetics,  how to detect early cancer.  Asma Amer presented a lecture on how karateeb works through the cytophysiology system   lecture to the students of the Faculty of Life   Dr. Noah Abdelkader, a researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology, received a certificate of participation from the University of Baghdad  Biomedical Journal   Amal Mohammed Ali and Noor Hashim from the Department of Medical Genetics and Cancer Research attended a scientific symposium  Head of the University of Fallujah, the Cancer Research Unit, invited the members of the Iraqi Center for Cancer Research   Ahmed Majid Al-Shammari to give a lecture at the scientific symposium  Amal Mohamed, the director of the Department of Medical Genetics  Dr. Zeinab Saad Abdul Ghani, Rapporteur of the Department of Molecular Biology  The Cancer Research Department and the other sections of the Center participated in the celebration of Mustansiriya University   Assistant teacher Aws Qahtan Ahmed received a participation in a symposium organized by Karbala University College of Veterinary Medicine   Dr. wasan Abdel-Elah Baqer presented a lecture titled "Antibiotics and Antibiotics Resistance"  Ahmed Majed participating   Dr. Ahmed Majid Hamza, and the department's instructor, Assistant   Dr. Zeinab Saad Abdul Ghani, Molecular Biology Instructor, gave a lecture entitled "Wilson's Disease"                                                                                                الدكتور فراس صبحي صالح يلقي محاضرة علمية  المركز العراقي لبحوث السرطان انهى دورته عن الوراثة الخلوية المتخصصة                    سفرة علمية الى المركز العراقي لبحوث السرطان                                مجلس ادارة المركز العراقي لبحوث السرطان والوراثة الطبية يعقد جلسته للعام الدراسي الجديد  اعادة تشغيل المايكروسكوب   اجتماع السيد المدير العام مع موظفي المركز  النشر والاستلال والقرصنة  استحداث فحوصات معلمات السرطان لمرضى الاورام  اكتشاف وتطوير الادوية المضادة للسرطان - ماقبل السريرية             نشر بحوث علمية في مجلة عالمية  اسعار الحيوانات المختبرية    اعلان فحوصات مختبرية  محاضرة علمية    دورة تدريبية حول التحري عن الجينات المسؤولة عن السرطانات    اجهزة طبية  توسيع الشفرة الوراثية  ندوة علمية  المركز العراقي لبحوث السرطان يعقد ندوة علمية  الطب التجديدي ضمن محاضرات الموسم العلمي  ندوة علمية   الـ H Index  محاضرة علمية       ندوة التقنيات النانوية والسرطان    محاضرة علمية           الدكتورة مائدة حسين محمد تلقي محاضرة علمية     زيارة ميدانية  اعلان عن دورة تدريبية   اقامة ندوة علمية      اجتماع مجلس السرطان     المركز العراقي يعقد ندوه علمية بالتعان مع مركز الوقاية من الاشعاع    محاضرة علمية يلقيها الدكتور فراس صبحي          Latest News    اللجنة العلمية في المركز تعقد اجتماعها الاول لعام 2019  مناقشة الخطة البحثية         Training course  Announcement of a training course  Conducting a training course  Meeting of the Director General with the Center's staff  Board of Directors holds its second meeting  Fundamentals of tissue transplantation  Discussion of scientific research  Intranet system  Rehabilitation of cytogenetic laboratory  Development and continuing education at the center  Meeting of the scientific journal of the Center  Use of gene therapy in lung cancer  Common viral diseases  Ovarian tumors  Training coursea  Holding a scientific symposium  DNA damage and repair  Scientific lecture  Early detection of colon cancer  Training course  Testing the targeted treatments for acute leukemia in children  Stem cells technology its applications  Immunotherapy for breast cancer  The Board of Directors of the Center holds its third session for this year  Condolence and sympathy  Scientific trip  Training course  Bladder tumor  The Role of Gene K eras in Lung Cancer  A field visit  Chromosomal aberrations  Unit of Animal House in the center  Programmed cell death  Down's syndrome  Scientific lecture  Training course  The Iraqi Center won first place  Basics of tumors  Scientific lecture  Rare genetic diseases in Iraq  Effect of increased radiation in pancreatic cancer using ascorbic acid  Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Center  Training course  The Iraqi Center for Cancer Research holds a scientific symposium on "rare diseases"  mid Term   Meet the technique of local hybridization using an irradiated microscope  What do you know about cytotoxicity of liposomal paclitaxel   lecture at the Iraqi Center is trying to minimize the side effect of cancerous disease  This is what nanotechnology offers in the food delivery system for cancer treatment  The Department of Cancer Research concludes the cycle of tissue shredding  Director General of the Iraqi Center to attend the meeting of the Cancer Council, chaired by the Minister of Health  Iraqi Center receives a number of doctors Institute of Infertility and Infertility  Head of Experimental Therapy Department offers a lecture on "cancer cell plasticity"  The Iraqi Center holds its fifth meeting for the current year  The center adds Dr. Saif Ali Ahmed to talk about bloody tumors  IS THE C.T SCAN CAUSES CANCER?  "Chromosomal Aberration"  Director General of the Iraqi Center for Cancer Research meets with his entourage  Noor Hashim lectures on colon cancer  The editorial board of the scientific journal conducts social league  The Iraqi Center provides laboratory mice at low prices  The Head of the Cancer Research Department provides a lecture on the synergistic effect of low chlorose  what is the chromosome changes in intersex?  cancer stem cell  The Iraqi Center is creating the   Minister of Higher Education approves the creation of the Legal and Control Divisions in the Iraqi Center  what's you know about "intersex"   المركز العراقي يقيم ورشة عمل عن التطبيق الاحصائي لبرنامج "spss"   The Iraqi Center is a member of the first ethical committee for animal rights research  Researcher Fatima Abdul Mutlaq presented a lecture on the "Cell Cycle"  Researcher Laith Hussein provides a lecture on the conversion of pharmaceutical doses between laboratory animals and humans  The Iraqi Center holds its sixth session in the presence of the heads of the Department of Quality Assurance and Scientific Affairs at the University  How to protect yourself from chemicals in laboratories?  Cancer Stem Cell  The Iraqi Center for Cancer Research holds a lecture on "Chromosome Y"  Iraqi center  The Iraqi Center for Cancer Research holds a workshop on the government program  The Iraqi Center finishes the training course for scientific cadres  how to use Spss?  membrane action potiential  colon cancer   Chemist Heba Karim presents a lecture on sugars  Assistant Director General of the Iraqi Center meets with the Director of Yarmouk Teaching Hospital .. This is the most important thing in the meeting  The Iraqi Center for Cancer Research holds its seventh session this month  The heads of the departments of the Iraqi Center finish the workshop   Biologist Ayseer Eide presented a lecture on thymus cancer  Participation of the Director-General and the Assistant Director-General in the Leadership Development Course  The Director General of the Center directs the maintenance officials to maintain the laboratories  Ahmed Mehdi presents Mahhira about the syndrome, "Sickle"  The Iraqi Center for Cancer Research offers a lecture on the mechanisms of blood withdrawal  Director of the Iraqi Center holds a meeting with his staff   Biologist Shaima Abdul Rahman presents a lecture on "Trisomy"  Biologist Taiba Hikmat gives a lecture on "Cell - Communication"  Iraqi center for cancer research held meeting for its council  Biology Ayman Ali presents a lecture on positron emission tomography  In pictures: The Director General follows up the rehabilitation and maintenance of the Iraqi Center for Cancer Research  The Director General meets the faculty with the start of the academic year  The Board of Directors of the Center holds a meeting chaired by its Director General  Biological Beetle Pioneer offers a lecture on protein synthesis in biocell