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Granted Certificates
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Granted Certificates

        Bachelor (B.A.),Master(M.A.),and Doctoral (PhD)certificates Granted by the colleges of al- Mustansiriyah University :

College of Arts

B.A.  certificate in Arabic, English, French, translation, libraries and information, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and history.

M.A.  certificate in   all its fields with the exception of anthropology and history.

PhD certificate in Arabic, Information and Libraries, philosophy, And Psychology.

College of Management and Economics

B.A. in Economics, Accounting, Statistics, and Tourism. *M.A.  and PhD Certificates

College of Medicne

B.A.  Certificateinmedicine and general surgery

M.A.  Certificatein Microbiology, Physiology and Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Life Chemistry, Anatomy, and Surgery.

PhD in Life Chemistry, Microbiology, Community Medicine, Medical Physics, Pathology, Forensic Medicine Internal Medicine, And Surgery.

Higher Diploma Certificatein Community Medicine.

College Of Science

B.A. Certificate in certain fields including: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Aerology, Life Sciences, Computers.

M.A. Certificate in its entire fields.

PhD Certificate excepts in Computer Science.

College of Education

B.A.Certificatein Physics, Mathematics, Arabic Language, Psychological Counseling, History, Computer Science, Geography, Educational and Psychological Sciences, and Methods of Teaching holy Quran.

M.A. Certificate in psychological counseling and educational guidance, geography, mathematics, educational and psychological sciences, physics, and Arabic.

PhD.Certificatein Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance, Geography, Mathematics, Educational, Psychological Sciences, Physics, and Arabic.

 College of Engineering

B.A.Certificatein all its fields.

M.A. Certificate in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Roads and Transport Engineering.

PhD Certificate in civil engineering (architectural), and Mechanical Engineering.

College of Basic Education

B.A. Certificate in all its scientific and humanitarian fields.

M.A. Certificate in all its fields except for Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance, Family Education, And Technical Professions.

PhD Certificate in Arabic language and Physical Education.

 College of Law

B.A. and M.A. Certificates in public and private law.

 College of Pharmacy

B.A. Certificates in Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Clinical Laboratorial Science, and Drugs and toxins, and Pharmaceuticals.

M.A. and *PhD Certificates inthe fields mentioned above according to the admissions plan.

 College of Dentistry

B.A. Certificates in Dentistry and oral medicine and Dentistry and oral Surgery.

Diploma in the treatment of teeth and gingiva and around the teeth disease.

M.A. Certificate in oral medicine and dental treatment.

 college of Political Science

B.A. certificate in Political Thought and Political Theory, International Relations and foreign Relations, and Political systems and general policy.

M.A. and *PhD. in the mentioned disciplines according to the admission plan.

College of Physical Education

B.A. Certificates in theoretical sciences; supervising, planning and following -up theoretical approaches in the college Anatomy, Psychology, and Biomechanical education and Applied Sciences Branch; supervising, planning and following -up scientific methods and provide accessories such as athletics, gymnastics, swimming and soccer.

M.A. and PhD. in the mentioned disciplines according to the admission plan.

College of Touristic Science

B.A. certificate in Tourism and Hotel Management.*

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